Monday, September 24, 2012

Missionary couple ordered to leave China

Please pray for the Church in China.
Officials from China's Public Security Bureau (PSB) asked a missionary couple to leave the country after they were caught attending a house-church service on August 31, reports our sister mission, VOM-USA.

At the beginning of the meeting, several PSB officers walked to the front and announced, "We know there are some foreigners in the church tonight, and it is illegal for any foreigner to do any religious activities in the Chinese church."

They ordered everyone to leave the building and detained the missionary couple, who are ethnic Chinese but hold U.S. passports. They had served in China for seven years, and officials ordered them to leave within 10 days.

"They did great mission work in China teaching the Bible and training disciples," a VOM contact wrote.

"They don't know what to do next."

Please pray for this couple as well as the church they are leaving behind.

For more information about persecution in China, click here.

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